Welcome the newest member to our family–Practical Paranoia ChromeOS Security Essentials!

One of the strongest features of ChromeOS and Chromebooks is the baked-in security. And while this is true (at least relative to Windows), there are still many areas of vulnerability that most Chromebook users (and even IT professionals) don’t know about. For example:

  • Data corruption and loss.
  • Lack of encryption for external storage devices.
  • Easily cracked passwords.
  • App vulnerabilities.
  • Browser vulnerabilities.
  • ISP and administrator ability to track your web activity–even in real time!
  • Unencrypted text, audio, and video communications.
  • Sensitive metadata contained in PDF’s, office files, images, even audio files easily viewed by others.
  • The list goes on.

Practical Paranoia ChromeOS Security Essentials shows you how to quickly and easily fix these and over 90 more vulnerabilities without any technical knowledge or skills!

All Practical Paranoia book are available in three formats:

  • Paperback. Available from Amazon and all fine booksellers.
  • Kindle. Available from Amazon.
  • Live! Available from The Practical Paranoid. We recommend the Live! version, as it is continuously updated with the latest version available on any computer, smartphone, and tablet.

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