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New Google Chrome 70 will break 1000+ sites

On or around October 16, 2018, the new Chrome 70 will arrive. if you currently have Chrome installed, it will automatically update. Core to the new Chrome is an upgrade to security. Specifically, Chrome will no longer trust HTTPS certificates issues by Symantec prior...
ios 12

Practical Paranoia iOS 12 Security Essentials Released!

Apple released iOS 12 this month–the most advanced mobile operating system ever. It is recommended that all iPhone and iPad users upgrade to take advantage of all the new features, including: 50-200% performance improvement FaceTime now supports video and audio with...
ios 12

iOS 12 Released! Practical Paranoia iOS 12 Security Essentials Now Available!

Apple has just released iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad–the most advanced mobile operating system ever. It is recommended that all iPhone and iPad users upgrade to take advantage of all the new features, including: Speed–Up to 200% faster FaceTime–Video and audio sharing...
macOS 10.14

macOS 10.14 Mojave Released! Practical Paranoia macOS 10.14 Security Essentials Now Available!

Apple has just released macOS 10.14 Mojave–the most advanced computer operating system ever. It is recommended that all Macintosh users upgrade to take advantage of all the new features, including: Stacks automatically organize files on your Desktop Finder is more...

Q: Is an up-to-date Mac computer immune to hacking?

A: The operating system (I’m assuming this is what you are updating) is only one small piece of the cybersecurity puzzle. Yes, OS updates are primarily about patching vulnerabilities within the OS, but focusing only on this is like locking only your front door when...

Q: What are the safest, the easiest, and the most balanced way to send encrypted email?

A: We first need to define your parameters for “encrypted”, and from what/who are you attempting to protect your communications. VULNERABILITIES Common points where email is vulnerable to penetration, hijacking, or otherwise accessed by unauthorized personnel:...

Q: How can I be safe in my computer without using an antivirus?

A: Antivirus is only a very small piece of the security and privacy puzzle - it doesn’t specifically protect against hackers. It protects against malware. Some of that malware may be under the control of hackers, some not. With or without antivirus, you still have...

Q: Do websites hold onto your login password information?

A: Yes, otherwise they would not be able to authenticate your password on the next visit. A quality site will store your password in an encrypted format, so if the site is compromised and the password database accessed, it is if no use. Unfortunately, this is by no...

Q: Why should it bother me that companies store data about me from the internet?

The “news” that you see on the internet has been tailored to your existing perspective, and continuously pushes further to the extreme of your perspectives. For example, if it is determined that you have a slight leaning toward the Republican party, you will see more...
Politicians are elected representatives

Vote as if your life depended on it

Every single day my staff and I battle criminals, enemy agents, malware, and wackadoodle ex's from compromising your security and privacy. I think we do an excellent job of it. There is, however, a limit as to how much we can do. One of those limits just hit you and...
Cybersecurity is everyones business

Q: Why are encrypted laptops not for sale on the Internet?

A: Perhaps first we need to define what you mean by “encrypted laptop”. By my definition, that means the storage device on which all data is contained is encrypted. But there are other items that may be encrypted as well. FULL DISK ENCRYPTION If this is what you are...

Q: I’ve lost my USB stick, which has personal info. What do I do?

A. That is water under the bridge. If the stick wasn’t encrypted, it is likely that information will be seen by whoever finds the stick. If you don’t have a backup, the data is lost to you. Going forward you can protect yourself should this happen again: Backup....

Q: What is the solution for ransomware attack?

A: In order to recover from a ransomware attack: Maintain a full on-site backup, continuously updated. Maintain a full off-site (internet-based) backup of your data, continuously updated. Install a quality anti-malware on your computer. Log in to your computer with...
Cybersecurity is everyones business

Q: Can I have 2 anti-virus at the same time that won’t interfere with each other?

A: I don’t know if any independently tested, quality antivirus that doesn’t recommend against doing this. For good reason… When a file/application opens, it is the job of the antivirus app to scan it before anything else (like the system or another antivirus app) gets...

Q: How do you remember different passwords for different sites?

A: You don’t! Use a password manager (I personally use LastPass). Have the password manager create the passwords, store the passwords, and auto-enter the passwords for you. Now you only have to remember: Your computer login password. The master password to the...

Q: How can I be safe if someone has access to my 1Password account?

A: The only way someone gets access to a password manager account is if you are not following basic security & privacy protocols. By doing so, you simply do not have any expectation of either. Steps to take (immediately): Change the password to your password manager....
Cybersecurity is everyones business

Phones vulnerable to old Hayes AT commands

Smartphones from 11 OEMs are found vulnerable to attacks via hidden AT commands. In massive and groundbreaking research, a team of eleven scientists from the University of Florida, Stony Brook University, and Samsung Research America, have looked into what types of AT...

Q: How do I find the owners of IP addresses trying to login to my home security system?

A: You, personally, do not have either the tools or the legal footing to do so. That said, law enforcement does have the tools (at least the tools to get your ISP to assist with linking IP address with individual computers). It is still required to get the legal...

Q: Why should we trust a VPN with internet privacy?

A: There is very little reason you should trust a VPN provider with your internet privacy. The vast majority of VPN providers are operating on the other side of ethics, or are outright criminal organizations. On the other hand, why should you trust anyone (priests...
National Security

Q: How can we balance law enforcement’s needs to investigate crimes with the need for stronger cyber security?

A: That balance already exists. Any weakening of cybersecurity for anyone, weakens cybersecurity for everyone. You cannot put the genie back in the bottle and eliminate AES 256 and all other end-to-end encryption. So, it remains the eternal cat and mouse game....

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A Great Step-By-Step Guide You'd be Foolish Not to Follow

5 star reviews

reviewsThis reviewer is a 60+, female, self-trained MAC user currently in OS10.8.1 and getting ready to buy a new MAC with Mavericks OS. I purchased and read Marc’s book cover to cover in preparation for understanding the scope of my commitment to get my new Maverick OS computer set-up in the most optimal way, for my home-use network. I want to get it hardened from the get-go. This was the best forty odd-dollar investment I could have made.Security book reviews

Practical Paranoia for the non-paranoid...

5 star reviews

I became a client of Marc’s five or six years ago when I said goodbye to Windows, became a Mac shop and put in an OS X server. So when Marc announced his new book, Practical Paranoia, I didn’t waste any time buying a copy.

The reason is simple, when Marc tells you something, you can take it to the bank.

The book is clean, well organized, designed to be completely accessible for the non-geek, and provides step-by-step screen shots and instructions on how to save yourself from the nightmare of data loss or breach.Security book reviews


Best Book on the Subject

5 star reviews

Easy to use – I did about half of the recommendations in under an hour. I’m a writer and I run a business from home. I’m not so technically adept. When I travel, I hate packing up all my equipment and putting things in storage to make sure that, in the unlikely event the house is robbed, all my data is safe and I could easily restart my business from a backup in the cloud. This book is a “paint-by-numbers” approach to security for every aspect of a computer system, from backups to email to encrypting the physical drives.

There’s really nothing else on the subject, unless you want to read technical blogs for days. This book has it all in one place and makes it easy for even a normal person (like me).Security book reviews

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