System Requirements

The Practical Paranoid uses Zoom to host our Instructor Hours, Courses, and Workshops. To help ensure a reliable and secure experience, the following are required to use Zoom:

  • Install the latest version of Zoom. Open a browser to https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting.
    • Note: Having an older version of Zoom installed will block access to our events.
  • Turn off VPN.
    • Although Zoom will work with VPN active, the increased cpu and internet resources required for VPN may create an unstable Zoom experience for you.
  • Sign in to Zoom.
    • We block anonymous Zoom access. If you attend our events via a web browser or Zoom app, you must sign in with your Zoom account.

Contact Support

If you are having problems connecting to your TPP Zoom event, you may contact TPP Technical Support at: support@thepracticalparanoid.com.