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Q: How Do I Make a Password That Can’t be Easily Guessed?

A: As with so many things in life, the trick is to craft a proper question!  In the distant past (well, distant in IT terms) hackers would crack passwords by knowing a bit about the user. Things like birthdays, names of loved ones and pets, phone number, character...

GoodRx “Leaked” Your Data to Facebook and Google

As reported in the New York Times on February 1, 2023, GoodRx, the drug discount apps used by millions Americans was found by the Federal Trade Commission of "sharing sensitive personal data on millions of users' prescription medications and illnesses with companies...

Free Practical Paranoia Security Essentials Books

WHAT All of our Practical Paranoia Security Essentials books are guaranteed to be the easiest and most comprehensive cybersecurity and internet privacy books available for Android, ChromeOS, iOS and iPadOS, macOS, and Windows users. And now the first 50 people who...

Practical Paranoia ChromeOS Security Essentials Book Giveaway!

WHAT Practical Paranoia ChromeOS Security Essentials is guaranteed to be the easiest and most comprehensive cybersecurity and internet privacy book available for Chromebook users. And now the first 50 people who respond can get a free copy of our EPUB version...

Social Media in the After Life

What Happens to Us After Our Death? Ok, perhaps I've bitten off more than I can chew with that question. So how about an easier one... What Happens to Our Social Media After Our Death? THIS I can deal with! Most social media sites have some mechanism in place to deal...

NEW Practical Paranoia ChromeOS Security Essentials Released!

Welcome the newest member to our family–Practical Paranoia ChromeOS Security Essentials! One of the strongest features of ChromeOS and Chromebooks is the baked-in security. And while this is true (at least relative to Windows), there are still many areas of...

Should You Update Router and Modem Firmware?

Why Many of us know how vital it is to ensure our computers, phones, and software are updated on a regular basis. But very few give the same thought to our routers and modems. But perhaps I've gotten ahead of myself. The big question is "What is all the fuss about...

Q: What are alternatives for password protection that are more secure than traditional passwords?

A: First, let us review the problems with traditional passwords. The overwhelming majority (perhaps up to 90%) of users use the same password(s) for everything. Although this is great for remembering your passwords (you only have one or two passwords you have to...

Massive WTF?! for 500M Crypto Investors

Although many people have jumped onto the cryptocurrency bandwagon, only a few actually understand how crypto works (and I'm using the term "works" very loosely). My personal take from day one has been that crypto is the second grandest-scale hoodwinking in the...

Q: One of my employees keeps using the same weak password for everything. How can I get them to change it and make it stronger?

Answer: Were you my client, my first question would be “how do you know?” Because under normal conditions, there is no need to know an employee password. But no matter how you were to answer my question, the answer is to assign a Password Policy to the computer. Heck,...

The Practical Paranoid makes all of our books available in three formats to best meet your unique needs:


  • Paperback.

    This is the traditionally published book. Most are 7.5”x9.25” for easy shelving, reading, and carrying. The biggest advantages of paperback is that you can quickly move through the book, and you can write notes, highlight passages, and even dog ear pages.

  • Kindle.

    The ebook took the market by storm, with Amazon’s Kindle format being the most popular. These are exact replica’s of the paperback editions. You can read a Kindle book on an Amazon reader, any Android or iOS phone or tablet, and macOS and Windows computers. With Kindle books, you can update to the latest book version by deleting the book from your device, and then download the current version from your Kindle Library.

  • Live.

    The Practical Paranoid has taken the ebook one step further. With our Live editions, you will always have the most current version of the book. Live books are exact pdf replica’s of the paperback editions that are viewed online in a browser. Any device that has Internet and browser capabilities will have full access to Live books without even downloading them.

A Great Step-By-Step Guide You'd be Foolish Not to Follow

This reviewer is a 60+, female, self-trained MAC user currently in OS10.8.1 and getting ready to buy a new MAC with Mavericks OS. I purchased and read Marc’s book cover to cover in preparation for understanding the scope of my commitment to get my new Maverick OS computer set-up in the most optimal way, for my home-use network. I want to get it hardened from the get-go. This was the best forty odd-dollar investment I could have made.

Practical Paranoia for the non-paranoid...

I became a client of Marc’s five or six years ago when I said goodbye to Windows, became a Mac shop and put in an OS X server. So when Marc announced his new book, Practical Paranoia, I didn’t waste any time buying a copy.

The reason is simple, when Marc tells you something, you can take it to the bank.

The book is clean, well organized, designed to be completely accessible for the non-geek, and provides step-by-step screen shots and instructions on how to save yourself from the nightmare of data loss or breach.

Best Book on the Subject

Easy to use – I did about half of the recommendations in under an hour. I’m a writer and I run a business from home. I’m not so technically adept. When I travel, I hate packing up all my equipment and putting things in storage to make sure that, in the unlikely event the house is robbed, all my data is safe and I could easily restart my business from a backup in the cloud. This book is a “paint-by-numbers” approach to security for every aspect of a computer system, from backups to email to encrypting the physical drives.

There’s really nothing else on the subject, unless you want to read technical blogs for days. This book has it all in one place and makes it easy for even a normal person (like me).