Google (Finally) Blocking Access to Android Advertising IDs

Well, maybe not Finally, but sometime in late 2021…

As reported in The Verge, Advertising ID’s are associated with every Android and iOS device. They are a unique identifier that links that device to web activity. It is primarily used to track your likes and dislikes and build a trusted profile of who you are.

Not something you or I ever agreed to or want.

Although Android devices have long been able to opt-out of personalized ads, (Settings > Google > Ads >Opt-Out), it doesn’t really stop developers from accessing and using your advertising ID (thank you for the transparency, Google).

Google support now states true opt-out will arrive in late 2021 for new Android 12 devices, and then roll out to all devices with Google Play in early 2022.

Apple iOS and iPadOS have a similar setting, but instead of being an option to opt-out, it is set to automatically opt-out, with the option to opt-in.

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