Every single day my staff and I battle criminals, enemy agents, malware, and wackadoodle ex’s from compromising your security and privacy. I think we do an excellent job of it.

There is, however, a limit as to how much we can do. One of those limits just hit you and me, and in a way that can deeply and profoundly change our lives, and the lives of our family and children for the worse.

Although the federal government – the heads of every US intelligence and counterintelligence agency – confirm that our national and state elections have been, are, and will continue to be influenced illegally by foreign state actors (primarily Russia), our president and the Congressional Republican majority state we are not under any threat. As point of fact, House Republicans have voted down to renew election security funding. Every single Democrat voted for the bill. Every single Republican voted against it. I’m no fan of either party–but when finding oneself under life-threatening attack, perhaps the quote The enemy of my enemy is my friend holds some truth.

To be clear, every single one of our elected Republican representatives, having been advised by every national security leader of a clear and present danger to the US election process, refuse to do anything to thwart this threat. Not only are we under attack from without, this as a clear sign we are under attack from within.

Midterm elections are less than 2 months away. This is our opportunity to stand our ground. If those elected to represent us are failing to protect us and our country, it is our job to elect those who will.


  1. If you are not currently registered to vote, visit https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote
  2. If you are registered to vote, verify you are still on the registered voter list (many people are accidentally or intentionally removed from this list every year). Visit https://www.nass.org/can-i-vote
  3. If you do not know where your polling station is, you may find it at https://www.usa.gov/election-office
  4. If you do not have transportation to your polling station, Lyft.com is offering free and discounted rides to polling stations on election day.
  5. Show up to your polling station on election day, Tuesday, November 6, 2018.