Use Your Voice, Communicate With Your Representatives

As a people, many of us are outraged, perhaps horrified, at recent actions and the direction taken by our elected (and a few who are not elected) officials. There are others who are outraged that we are outraged.

An overwhelming amount of emoting and shouting from all sides.

Perhaps it is a time for a bit less talk, a bit more thought.

Thought about where our energy is best spent. Ranting on social media is not as effective as a well thought out communication with our political representatives. Am I under some delusion that any of my representatives gives a damn for my thoughts and opinions? Not at all. I am not on their radar, because I did not provide a non-trivial financial contribution to their election, or slip $$$ into their hands. But every letter, email, and phone call is logged as to where this voter stands on issues. If the log weighs heavily to one direction – heavy enough to place reelection in jeopardy – now collectively we are on the radar.

But first, each of us must know who our representatives are. Lucky for us, that information is just a click or two away.

Common Cause makes the task a no-brainer. They have a web page dedicated to providing all of your representatives, simply by entering your address:

  1. Open a browser to
  2. In the site menu, select Find your representatives.
  3. Enter your address.
  4. Click the Submit button.
  5. All of your representatives from the President to Councilperson are displayed, along with phone number and website.

  6. For many of your representatives, when clicking the arrow button on the right side, will display the committees on which they serve, sponsored bills, contributors (follow the money), and more.

  7. Now is the time to put thought into the written word. This can then be submitted to the representative via their website, social media, or better yet, read to the staffer answering their phone.

November is just around the corner. It is time to be the change you wish to see in the world.