I receive at least one question every day regarding how to secure email communications. People are legitimately concerned that their email may be seen by crazy ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/gender-neutral lover, boss, rivals, or government.

Let me put your minds at rest. There is no doubt your email is being seen by others, and most likely the exact people you don’t want to see your emails.

Email technology was built when information wanted to be free. No security safeguards were built into email To this day, any email to offers hardened, end-to-end encryption is more Frankenstein the well-crafted code.

The solution is to grow away from email for secure communications. Sure, email is still useful in the same sense that postcards are useful. But for anything that is sensitive, proprietary, secretive, use a technology that is free, easy to use, and built from the ground up to be secure.

There are several Instant Message tool availalble that fit this criteria perfectly. The two leaders are Signal and Wire. I use both, but am partial to Wire because:

  • Free (for-fee for business)
  • Military-grade end-to-end encryption
  • Voice, instant message, and video conferencing all available in one app.
  • Messages can self-destruct after a user-specified time frame.
  • Group IM’s and calls.

Give Wire a try. In less than 15 minutes you will have a most powerful communications tool that knows how to keep its mouth shut.