A: This is a topic that books are written about (several by yours truly). Much depends on how high a value target you are (if the NSA is interested in you, good luck), and what you need to use the internet for.

But here is a list to get started:

  • Use a quality VPN service that also includes tor within their system. I’m fond of NordVPN. As you can see from this screenshot, from the hundreds of available NordVPN servers, they have some that provide Onion services over VPN. This is the industry-standard “belt-and-suspenders” strategy to anonymize your web activities.
  • Use a secure email system. I’m fond of ProtonMail. ProtonMail uses PGP/GPG to military-grade encrypt all of your email. Even ProtonMail administrators cannot access your email.
  • Run an unmodified version of the Tails operating system. This can be installed on and run from a thumb drive from any Linux, macOS, or Windows computer. When using Tails, you effectively hide your digital fingerprint, so that your computer cannot be identified. It includes secure versions of web browser, instant messenger, and email software.
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