A: I hope you will forgive that I am side-stepping your question, as I think it is the wrong question.

Computers are tools. The purpose of a tool is to extend or expand your reach, power, speed, capabilities, so that you can do things you could not otherwise do.

If your tool costs you $1,000, and makes you $1,000,000 in a year that you could not have otherwise realized, do you really care that the tool lived only a year and a day?

So, again, the question isn’t which OS will make your laptop last longer, a more appropriate question is which OS (and hardware) can make you last longer, jump higher, and run faster.

The answer to that question is different depending on your computing skills, resources, and what you are interested in accomplishing. In my own personal case, I’ve worked on everything from IBM 360 mainframes to macOS. I’ve made more money, gained greater industry recognition, and do more interesting things with macOS than with any other OS. But most of those I work with would say the same thing about Linux or Windows.

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