A: The operating system (I’m assuming this is what you are updating) is only one small piece of the cybersecurity puzzle. Yes, OS updates are primarily about patching vulnerabilities within the OS, but focusing only on this is like locking only your front door when leaving for vacation, while leaving the back door, side door, all windows unlocked, the alarm system off, and taking the dog with you!

Just a few of the other issues to be concerned with:

  • Encrypted storage device
  • Log in as a non-administrative user
  • Enable application whitelisting
  • Install a quality antivirus utility
  • Install a quality anti-malicious website plug-in for each browser
  • Use WPA2 with AES encryption for your Wi-Fi
  • Enable VPN for all internet traffic
  • Do not allow any unauthorized devices or persons on your network
  • Update firmware on all network devices
  • Only exchange email with others using full end-to-end TLS-encryption
  • Communicate over voice, video, and instant messaging using only end-to-end AES encrypted apps
  • Only install apps downloaded from the Apple App Store or from verified sources.