Q: I got an alert that someone is watching what I’m browsing. How can they do that?

A. A web browser will not display such a message. It is most likely that a compromised website you visited tossed that at you just like any other pop-up message or advertising. It is also possible that your browser has been compromised, with a plug-in or other item introduced to create these pop-ups.

I’ll bet there was a phone number to call for assistance, or a button to click to purchase a solution to this “problem”.

So, let’s verify all is in good shape, and we can write this off to a rogue web page:

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Verify that your homepage is correct.
  3. Select Security. Verify Warn when visiting a fraudulent site, and Block pop-up windows are enabled.
  4. Select the Extensions tab. If there is an extension present that you don’t recall installing, remove it.
  5. Quit the browser.
  6. Open the browser.

All should be rainbows and unicorns!