Q: How Do I Install a Firewall on a Home Network?

A: The DSL or Cable router that comes with your service will have a firewall. To access and configure, you will need the administrator username and password. This is often on a label attached to the unit, along with the URL to directly access the device.

However, the security of these firewall is a point of debate. The devices are very inexpensive, in wide use, with known vulnerabilities and hacks.

Although you can purchase a firewall all by itself, usually the better option is to install a 3rd-party quality router with firewall. There are at least a dozen well-known brands. Stay away from “consumer-class” devices, and go with “business-grade”. It won’t cost much more, but the quality difference can be significant.

I’m partial to the router made by OpenMesh – the G200. Even better when paired with their A62 Wireless Access Point.

You will still need your DSL or Cable router to connect you to the Internet. To get better performance, call your broadband provider, ask them to change it from Router to Bridge mode after you have your 3rd-party router in place.