A: You, personally, do not have either the tools or the legal footing to do so. That said, law enforcement does have the tools (at least the tools to get your ISP to assist with linking IP address with individual computers). It is still required to get the legal footing to start such a project.

It is doubtful you will get the assistance of law enforcement for something as “trivial” (I know, it’s not trivial to you) as someone attempting to access your home security, but it can’t hurt approach them.

Ultimately, it will require coordination with law enforcement, your ISP, and the ISP of the attacker to isolate who this may be.

Perhaps a better plan of action is to ensure all possible security protocols are in place for your home security system, thereby greatly reducing the possibility of penetration. Not knowing your security system, at a minimum, this would include:

  • Use of strong password to access the security system (at least 15 characters, preferably more)
  • Firmware and software up to date
  • Your modem and router firewall configured properly