Q: How can I stop other people from seeing what I’m doing on my tablet when using their WiFi?

A: The same easy answer to many cybersecurity questions – install and use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

When using VPN all of your communications are encrypted between your device and the VPN server in the cloud. This makes it (almost) impossible for anyone (but the VPN host) to view your online activity.

There are thousands of VPN providers available. Many, if not most, or not ethical–particularly those that offer services for free. There are several dozen factors to consider when choosing a VPN provider, these are the ones I believe are most important:

  • Operate in a country that supports cyber security, and is outside the reach of government intrusion.
  • They keep no logs of your activities.
  • They offer IKEv2 protocol (the most current, and perhaps most secure), or OpenVPN ( and open source protocol that has proven itself to be secure).
  • Offers at least a one-day free trial to test if their product is fully compatible with your device.
  • Is priced within your budget.

You will likely be paying between $30 and $80 per year for 2–6 devices that can connect to this one account.

Among my personal favorites are: NordVPN.com, Perfect-Privacy.com, and VPNarea.com