Q: How can I know everything about computer security?

A: The first step to wisdom is recognizing one doesn’t know much of anything.

In the case of Technology, new information is generated geometrically faster than a human can absorb it – even if that is their full-time job. And if you are in Cybersecurity, you already have a full-time job earning a living!

So while desiring to know everything about the topic is an admirable goal, it can never be realized.

If you wish to become an expert in the field, there are some steps you may wish to take:

  • Earn a BS in computer Science
  • Earn a MS in Computer science with a specialty in cyber security.
  • Earn your way through the industry certifications – CASP, CEH, etc. the secondary advantage of earning the degree and certs is that it allows you to get close to others who are leaders in the industry, and to share knowledge with them.
  • Attend security conferences such as Blackhat where you can learn from experts before the info is even published.
  • Teach. It’s astounding how much you have to learn when asked questions by students.
  • Be humble. I doubt any of us know even 0.1% of what is already known in our field. Be open to change perspective, opinion, and stance on a dime when the evidence points in a different direction.

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