As reported in the New York Times on February 1, 2023, GoodRx, the drug discount apps used by millions Americans was found by the Federal Trade Commission of “sharing sensitive personal data on millions of users’ prescription medications and illnesses with companies like Facebook and Google without authorization.”

By sharing your personal information without authorization, GoodRx violated a federal rule requiring such apps and fitness trackers to notify the consumer of data breaches.

My family and I use GoodRx, and have found that the discounts on prescription medication is often better than what our paid-for medical insurance can deliver.

I’ve wondered from day one with GoodRx how they were able to provide such deep discounts, or put another way, how are they monetizing the discounted medication game? I must be getting old, after all, I’m the guy who continuously spouts “If you aren’t paying for it, YOU are the product.”

And apparently this was the case with GoodRx.

Between 2017 and 2020 GoodRx uploaded their user contact information to Facebook so GoodRx could identify their users’ social media profiles.

GoodRx would then use that personal information to target users for medication ads on Facebook and Instagram. The FTC stated that this personal information was then available to Facebook (as is any and all information shared on Facebook).

ahhh… Capitalism at its finest.