MintzIT has upgraded Bitdefender

With over 40 million malware waiting to harvest, corrupt, or encrypt your data, anti-malware software is an essential addition to the operating system of any and every operating system. The only anti-malware product we currently recommend is Bitdefender GravityZone for Business.

Starting January 1, 2019, computer users who have the MintzIT version of Bitdefender GravityZone installed will see some much anticipated changes. These can be seen when opening the application:

On-Access. This has always been active. This indicates your anti-malware (anti-virus, anti-trojan, anti-ransomware) is active and scanning every file that is opened.

Traffic Scan. This has been newly added this year. Traffic Scan examines all incoming and outgoing traffic for any malicious code. If it is found, it is blocked from taking any action.

Antiphishing. This has been newly added this year. This feature examines every website visited. It prevents users from inadvertently disclosing private or confidential information to online fraudsters. Instead of the phishing web page, a special warning page is displayed in the browser to inform the user that the requested web page is dangerous.

We have extended protection to other types of scams besides phishing. For example, websites representing fake companies, which do not directly request private information, but instead try to pose as legitimate businesses and make a profit by tricking people into doing business with them.

If you find that a legitimate website is being blocked by Bitdefender, please call our office 505.814.1413, and we can whitelist the site.

Get Bitdefender

If you don’t currently have Bitdefender protecting your computers, this is a great time to do so. MintzIT will install Bitdefender GravityZone for a yearly subscription of $36 per computer, plus $37.50 installation labor fee. Call 505.814.1413 x 1 and we will perform the installation while you call!