Well, this is embarrassing. For the first time in nine years, we have a quality control issue at The Practical Paranoid. At some point in the publishing process for Practical Paranoia macOS 13 Security Essentials, we released a version with a few old (macOS 12) assignments and screenshots.

The fully correct and updated Live! and Kindle book will be available by next Tuesday (December 27, 2022), with the print version available within a few weeks (simply can’t rush the printing press).

If you have purchased any Practical Paranoia macOS 13 Security Essentials book version, we are offering a free replacement!


  1. Tear off the cover (verify it specifies a title for macOS 13) and the Proof of Purchase page.
  2. Complete the Proof of Purchase page.
  3. Mail both cover and Proof of Purchase page to:
    Marc Mintz
    The Practical Paranoid
    1000 Cordova Pl
    Santa Fe, N 87505
  4. We will ship your free paperback book just as soon as we receive them from the print house.


  1. (Wait until after December 27, 2022) Delete your copy of the book from your Kindle device.
  2. Go to your Kindle library.
  3. Select Practical Paranoia macOS 13 Security Essentials.
  4. The updated book will download to your device.


  1. (Wait until after December 27, 2022)
  2. Open your browser to your Google Drive > Shared with me > Practical Paranoia macOS 13 Textbook folder.
  3. The new version is waiting for you!

Questions? Please contact our office at info@thepracticalparanoid.com