As reported in MarketWatch 20170915 (https://secure.marketwatch.com/story/equifax-ceo-hired-a-music-major-as-the-companys-chief-security-officer-2017-09-15), Equifax CEO Richard Smith was responsible for hiring Susan Mauldin as the company Chief Security Officer.

But just 60 seconds of research finds that Ms. Mauldin has no education credentials in the technology or cybersecurity fields. Instead, she holds BA and MA in music composition. These are fine educational backgrounds for creative positions. But perhaps not so fine when the identity and credit of every US citizen is dependent on the responsible management of technology and cybersecurity.

Since this revelation, Ms. Mauldin’s LinkedIn page (https://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-m-93069a/) has been changed so her name is simply Susan M., holding a position of Professional at Private. Looking further down her page we do see that it still lists her position as Chief Security Officer Equifax.

Susan Mauldin LinkedIn page

Susan Mauldin LinkedIn page


What Is The Point, Marc?

Would you choose an auto mechanic to perform heart surgery? Would you choose a heart surgeon to tune up your race car? Few of us can be excellent in even one area of life, fewer still can be very good in two areas.

In the coming months, there are sure to be many revelations of where Equifax made painfully poor business decisions. Hiring a skilled musician to fill the role of Chief Security Officer in an organization with the lives of every American at risk? This may meet the qualifications for criminal activity.

While We Are On The Topic

Who is leading security and technology within your organization? What is their educational background? What industry-standard credentials do they hold? How many years of successful experience in the field do they have?