According to a Mozilla research paper released February 23, 2023, almost 80% of the apps reviewed on Google Play Store have false or misleading Data Privacy labels.

Highlighting the absurdity, both TikTok and Twitter Data Safety labels state they do not share your personal data with 3rd-parties. BUT… both apps explicitly state they share user info with advertisers, ISPs and other companies.


Remember that if you are not paying for it, you are the product! The #1 strategy companies use to deliver free services is to monetize the data they can harvest from you.

HOW To Protect Yourself

Ok, here we get into sensitive areas. I don’t think there are any angels within any billion (or trillion) dollar tech company. But there are some who make a measurable degree of effort to not be evil. To avoid my next lawsuit, I will not say Google isn’t one of them, but Apple may be.

If you are concerned over cybersecurity, internet privacy, and keeping big tech out of your private life, one way is to avoid doing business with those whose business model explicitly details how to harvest as much data from their consumers as is possible. THAT will require giving thought to if you wish to remain on the Android environment.

For me, personally and for my family and business, we have migrated to Apple. Does the hardware cost more? Sometimes (compare a high-end Samsung, Asus, or Lenovo computer, tablet, or phone to a similar Apple device, and any difference in purchase cost isn’t much more than a rounding error. But what you get back in terms of privacy and security is priceless