From the first posting to all of my website blogs and social media, I have focused solely on IT, and primarily on IT security and privacy. I have blocked all friend/member comments and postings that have not had a similar focus.

This is because, from my perspective, security and privacy are foundational to everything else we hold dear in life. Without security and privacy, all else is lost.

As of today, I have upgraded my focus. I have added Humanity and Compassion to the foundation.

The triggering mechanism for my upgrade is a sociopathology that has taken root in our political system. I am deeply and profoundly concerned that the core values on which this once-great country is founded (although not often followed) have been thoroughly corrupted. Humanity and compassion for the 98% have disappeared.

As a people, we are being consciously, willfully, and meticulously divided (divide and conquer) on a daily, if not hourly basis by those elected to serve us, but who now only serve the 2%.

Those who openly oppose or question this process are oppressed, sometimes to the point of death.

Which makes security and privacy all the more important. But if we lose our humanity and compassion, what is it we are protecting in this culture?

So, yes, going forward there will be sociological and political entries here. For some of my followers, these may induce a knee-jerk reaction of upset. I don’t ask that you agree with me. I do ask only that you take time to be thoughtful, not only with what is presented and your reaction to it, but also how each of us can be the change we wish to see in the world.


Marc L. Mintz