well reviewed IT security books

I became a client of Marc’s five or six years ago when I said goodbye to Windows, became a Mac shop and put in an OS X server. So when Marc announced his new book, Practical Paranoia, I didn’t waste any time buying a copy.

The reason is simple, when Marc tells you something, you can take it to the bank.

The book is clean, well organized, designed to be completely accessible for the non-geek, and provides step-by-step screen shots and instructions on how to save yourself from the nightmare of data loss or breach.

I can tell you from my own bitter experience with a security breach we experienced on the cloud a few years ago (not Marc’s purview) that cost me more than two months of my life, an ounce of prevention is worth a *ton* of cure.

And in this book, for a few bucks, Marc has laid out the preventative roadmap that can save you more time, money and misery than you may imagine.

Former Intel CEO Andy Grove entitled his memoirs Only the Paranoid Survive. In the wild world of connected everything, Practical Paranoia is an important guide to survival.

Buy it. Implement it. You’ll sleep better.